Smile Design

The key to creating this beautiful smile for you is the right at Hornsby Dental Centre it is the combination of a comprehensive, detailed examination and diagnosis on your check up appointment, during this appointment you will be able to see your teeth on television as our dental camera will be able to show you any problems that you have in your mouth. You will be able to see tooth decay, irregular positions of teeth and be able to further understand your personal dentition.

It is important not to look at the teeth in isolation but to view it as a composite of the rest of the human face, it is important that our result compliments and provides you with a harmonious result that improves your soft tissue and lip profile to provide you with a natural and beautiful facial harmony.

The problems affecting us more often are multi fluctuant and require more discipline to dentistry involving collaborative efforts to achieve a spectacular result. You are the most important member of our team. Ultimately it is your involvementĀ  and feedback in every step of the process that will lead and help us to achieve your ideal and personal dental treatment . The end result will be a white broad smile that is healthy and natural.