Dental Implants

When there are a number of teeth that need to replaced, implants are the treatment of choice. With this type of treatment dental implants are positioned in the jaw bone in a second tooth or multiple teeth and then attached to the implant or implants.

Here at Hornsby Dental Centre implants are placed routinely because Dr. Joachim Ngiam is one of the few dentists that assesses whether implants are the treatment of choice for your mouth.

A dental implant is like a screw or cylinder made from titanium, which is inserted into the jaw bone to replace a natural tooth that is/has been missing. The dental implant must heal and integrate for up to 3 months before it can then be restored with a crown.

This procedure takes a couple of appointments, but is relatively simple and problem-free. Sometimes the implant can be completed in a week. TheĀ dentist will advise you what is best for treatment success.

There are many benefits to having a dental implant instead of a dental bridge or denture. A dental implant supported tooth looks like and feels like a natural tooth, it does not affect adjacent teeth, and it is much easier to clean and maintain than bridge work. It is very strong and is able to perform the same functions as a natural tooth; for this reason, dental implants can be the treatment of choice.

Please contact us to help you decide if dental implants are suitable for you. This obligation-free consultation will clarify what type of treatmentĀ  best serves your needs.